What you need to make commercial bathrooms disability friendly

Bathrooms in commercial buildings, such as hotel foyers, cinemas and retail precincts, should be designed not just with aesthetics in mind, but also for exceptional functionality. It’s important that you offer the best customer experience possible.

Unfortunately, not all commercial bathrooms are equipped to meet the needs of those living with a disability or those of advanced age.

The Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009 (Design for Access and Mobility) reflects the importance of providing accessible washroom spaces for those with disabilities and reduced mobility. It specifies the requirements for accessibility in new buildings and for renovations, as required by the Building Code of Australia and the Premises Standards.

With the right products and some clever design choices, you can transform a standard bathroom into a space that’s welcoming for everyone. The team at Barben are experts in helping designers choose the right accessibility products for their diverse projects.

Grab rails

Grab rails provide independent support to people who have difficulty navigating a wet shower environment or manoeuvring to and from the toilet. They help those with impaired mobility move around the room with minimal assistance.

For high-end projects looking to combine functionality with style, we recommend stainless steel grab rails in a colour that complements your bathroom design. For example, the grab rails in the opulent bathroom at Barben Boutique are a gorgeous gold.

Not only are they highly durable and resistant to corrosion, they help effortlessly set the tone for your commercial bathroom interior.

Shower seats

It’s crucial for those living with a disability to have the ability to shower independently. A shower seat allows the user to remain comfortable, while reducing the risk of falling or slipping.

Seats that fold outwards and are paired with grab rails are ideal. At Barben, we stock a range of elegant, practical, and easy-to-use shower seats. They aren’t just affordable for all projects, they’re also made with usability and convenience in mind.


Hand dryers and dispensers

Hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers aren’t just convenient bathroom tools, they can make a world of difference for those who find it difficult to wash and dry their hands in a traditional bathroom setup. For appropriate disabled access, consider the height and positioning of the hand dryer and dispensers (specified in AS 1428), and choose options that can be operated with one hand.

You can find hand dryers and automatic dispensers that meet all project budgets. See Barben’s range of commercial hand dryersautomatic soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers that add style and inclusiveness to your bathroom.


Handheld shower

Flexible, portable showerheads help those with limited mobility shower in a safer way. Not only are handheld showers ergonomic, they make it much easier to shower while seated. They allow the user to direct the water exactly where it’s needed, without having to move their body.

Choose an ultramodern combination of a fixed showerhead and handheld to cover all bases. It reduces the need for movement while showering and brings both versatility and luxury to the premium bathroom spaces in your building designs.

At Barben, we believe that meeting the needs of those in our community with a disability or who are of old age doesn’t mean that we need to compromise in a beautiful bathroom style.

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