Pink Bathrooms

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Why are pink bathrooms so popular right now?

Pink bathrooms are trending and there is a very good reason why.  Even though there are many shades of pink from the palest blush through to magenta or candy pink, there is a style and colour palette that will suit your choice of pink hue. Even if you believe pink is just a passing trend there are ways you can incorporate pink into your bathroom without overpowering your style.

We tend to think of pink as being a bright, vivid colour. But it can be incredibly grounding when paired with earthier shades, like brown and green. Investing in pieces that pair these colours can keep a space feeling both cosy and light—a particularly great combination for a bathroom.

Use pink and make a statement with luxe finishes including Satin Brass tapware and fittings.  Barben Boutique has the patented Shield tapware technology which allows you to change the colour and style of your tapware all from the front of the wall.  This gives you peace of mind when selecting your fittings.

What colour contrasts with blush pink? Blush pink and deep indigo are a great mix if you want to add drama to a space. The pink will pop against the blue and also add a touch of masculinity. Blush pink can work well with other pastels such as mint green. Just be sure to add a third colour to ground it.

Pink colour schemes will contrast beautifully with white ceramic sanitary ware. Pastel pinks paired with soft shades of green convey a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Just be sure to add a third colour to ground it. Pale pink also looks beautiful against the dark, rich shades of black and navy.  On the other hand, magenta and fuchsia pop against charcoal grey and bright blue.  The pink will soften the masculine feel of the dark moody hues.

Black and white will never date and adding hints of pink in wall paint is another way of introducing pink into your design scheme without making a full commitment.  Adding some black decor or black and white art or a black ladder with white towels hanging from it will ground  the pink colour scheme and keep things looking classic, clean and simple, which is what bathrooms should be — more calming and spa-like,”

For those who are committed to incorporating pink into their bathroom, there are so many ways to do this.  Both bright and soft tones can be incorporated into tiling whether it’s a bold statement tile or a feature wall.

Microcement in pink hues also adds a tactile element to your bathroom.

Other ways of incorporating pink into a bathroom are:-

Coloured vanity, bath, wallpaper, curtains, artwork, towels and accessories.

Let your imagination and flair run wild!!

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