New Product: Recessed Automatic Hand dryer

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B-3725 Bobrick Recessed Automatic Hand Dryer: Available Now

Introducing the latest product in Bobrick’s innovative line of washroom accessories – the B3725. Unlike any other dryer on the market the new recessed B3725 hand dryer is an incredibly efficient fast dry unit that outperforms all of its rivals in energy efficiency and decibel ratings. With a 1.0KW power rating and 70 DBA sound rating the B3725 hand dryer is without doubt the ideal product selection for Green Star rated buildings and office environments where noise emissions are a consideration.

Unlike some of the other dryers on the market the B3725 catches any excess water runoff from hand drying in the ceramic plates located at the bottom of the unit. The ceramic plates absorb any excess water and are also dried out during the hand drying process eliminating any chance of bacterial growth. The ceramic plate addition provides a very hygienic experience and also ensures there is no excess water running out of the unit, down the walls and onto the floor which can potentially be a hazard for any washroom environment.

In all the B375 hand dryer is a stylish, DDA compliant unit that will enhance any washroom space and not break the budget.

For more information on the B3725 please do not hesitate to contact Barben.