Exclusive Mirvac's Waterfront project.

Unisyson Mirvac

We are please to announce that Barben Architectural Hardware has struck a deal with Unisyson - for the newest release in Mirvac’s Waterfront, Newstead. This $1 billion masterplanned community is setting new standards for quality, luxury and city convenience within the Brisbane metropolitan region.

Barben’s range of bathroom accessories have been supplied to this high end development - and we're very excited to see our products complimented alongside some very beautiful architecture and interior design.

We're proud to be working alongside Mirvac as a regular supplier on some most prestigious projects in Australia. Having previously also worked on other projects including Ephraim Island, Newstead River Park Queensland and Yarras Edge Port Melbourne to name a few - we hope to continue these endeavours and collaborate with like-minded architects, creatives and designers. 

For more information please contact Barben: info@barben.com.au