Mudroom / Drop Zone

Family taking dirty shoes off in mudroom of Brisbane home

Mudroom / Drop Zone

What is a Mudroom

The name actually says it all. A mudroom is a dedicated space in the home, usually located near or at your rear or front entrance where you can remove any dirty shoes and other outerwear items before entering into another area of living spaces such as the kitchen, dining room etc. A mudroom ensures that dirty or muddy shoes won’t be tracked through the house. As the mudroom can be the first thing you see when you walk into your house—it needs to make a strong first impression. Of course, it also needs to be functional.

These days, many homes are incorporating a mudroom/ drop zone into their renovation/extension or new build. This space is generally not huge but is perfect for kids to store their school bags, shoes, hats etc. when they come home from school. Having a designated area to store these belongings takes away some of the chaos in the mornings when everyone is trying to get out the door in a hurry.

For a mudroom/drop zone to be functional as well as stylish here are some elements that every mud room/ drop zone should have:
1. Cubbies or shelving for storage – without adequate storage your mudroom could end up a disaster.
2. Shoe storage area – shoe rack or basket
3. Cabinetry – As most mudrooms are relatively small spaces it may be wise to invest in custom joinery. Including long hanging cupboards will allow you to store bulky coats, jackets and scarves that would otherwise use up valuable storage in cubbies or baskets. A skilled designer will utilize all of the available area and create a bespoke plan to suit your family and lifestyle.
4. Hooks – depending on your family’s needs will determine the number of hooks you require to hang clothing items and hats.
5. Hanging Rail – Including a hanging rail, or you could use a towel rail, will provide a space for you to hang wet items of clothing allowing them to dry.
6. Baskets – with so many options in terms of size, colours and materials there are plenty of choices when it comes to baskets as a form of storage. Not only do they serve the purpose of hiding miscellaneous items, they also look great!
7. Floor mats or rugs – keeps the rest of the room clean and dry.
8. Bench seat – either a stand-alone seat or one that has been built into the cabinetry will make it easier to put on items of clothing and footwear.
9. Umbrella stand – depending on where you live and the climate, an umbrella stand in your mudroom is not only a storage solution but also a reminder so you don’t forget it.
10. Drawers – a joinery option can also include pull-out drawers to store items of footwear to avoid tracking dirt and debris throughout the rest of the house.

One way to create a harmonious flow throughout the home is to incorporate the same colour scheme and finishes in your mudroom. Using the same coloured cabinetry and cabinet hardware that has been used in other areas of the home will not only have a visual appeal but also can reduce the cost when the same materials and colours are used. Barben’s range of cabinet hardware can be finished in any colour to suit your design palette.

Hooks to hang hats, clothing and bags in the same finish as the cabinet hardware will create a design aesthetic that is stylish and functional. We recommend using Barben’s robe hooks or custom-made pieces that will serve their purpose.

Rugs, cushions, bench seating and other soft furnishings will elevate your mudroom from a storage space to an extension of your home. Adding texture and other decorative items will soften the look and allow you to inject your own personality into the space.

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose to add a mudroom is to contain mess. As the mudroom becomes the workhorse of the house it is vital to ensure it is planned and organized otherwise it could end up a general dumping ground that is difficult to keep clean and tidy. Once you have established systems and routines around the mudroom this space will become a well oiled machine and make life that little bit easier.

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