A Closer Look at Barben’s Bathroomware in the Calile Hotel

The Calile Hotel, situated in the luxury shopping oasis of Brisbane’s James Street has recently been awarded the 12th Best Hotel in the World, by 580 industry experts in The World’s 50 Best Hotels List. The Hotel was named the Best Hotel in the Oceania region, and there is no doubt this is thanks to its unique and beautiful interiors. The design was inspired by 1960’s motel arhitecture, and has a simple yet elegant feel. Additionally the use of colour and shapes throughout the hotel rooms and shared spaces give the Calile Hotel a mediterranean feel.

Many of the rooms abound in blush and rusty pink colours, spread across the bathroom and bedroom spaces. The colour combination of pink and satin brass is one that is becoming more common, and absolutely shines in the Calile rooms. Interior designers at the Calile Hotel trusted Barben to provide timeless pieces which allowed their vision to come to life. The Stream Collection was chosen for these spaces, due to it’s effortless and elegant curved shapes which perfectly compliment the design of the hotel. Bathroom spaces included both the Stream Kitchen Mixer Swanneck, as seen on the top left image, to allow the basin and tapware to shine in the open bathroom setting, and the Stream Bath Spout for in-wall settings. Barben also manufactured bespoke, custom bath spouts to allow in-floor spouts to accompany their statement bathtubs.

To ensure a cohesive look across rooms, the Calile Hotel was also fitted with Stream Curved Round Shower Sets, which are complete with an overhead shower alongside a versatile hand shower. Complementing this satin brass tapware, the Calile Hotel bathrooms are also fitted with custom satin brass towel rails, shower shelves, robe hooks and toilet roll holders. These same fittings were then carried through lobby and dining areas, as Barben provided custom brass fittings and bathroom accessories, including paper towel holders, soap dispensers and washroom accessories. The team at Barben is extremely proud and priveledged to have contributed toward creating a modern design masterpiece through our exisiting and custom satin brass tapware and bathroom accessories. The curved shapes of our Stream Tapware Collection, alongside the beautiful satin brass finish allow these products to suit a variety of aesthetics and colour palettes, as demonstrated by the range of pastels featured throughout the Calile Hotel. This hotel is a design inspiration for many which perfectly showcases the contemporary elegance of our tapware and bathroom accessories, designed right here in our Brisbane office.

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