Saddler Leather Door Handles

Row of leather-wrapped door handles from the Saddler range of door handles by Barben Architectural Hardware

Barben’s Saddler leather door handles are timber or stainless steel door handles with hand-woven stitching along the length of genuine Italian leather. As leather is a natural material with unique variations in colour and texture, you can be assured that every handle is unique. Each piece of recycled timber is wrapped with the finest leather and handstitched to create a truly memorable piece of door furniture.

Shou Sugi Ban entry door handles

Beautiful home in Brisbane with Shou Sugi Ban entry door handles

Over the years we have continued to invest in machinery, tooling, technology and equipment to maintain our position as a premium entry door handle manufacturer.  Our design team is at the forefront of innovation to ensure our products are both on trend, sustainable, and suited to the market.  We supply handles to both commercial and residential projects as well as bespoke designs.  Our ability to create handles from drawings and sketches is a testament to our hard-working team that is enthusiastic and invested in the handles they construct.

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