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Your bathroom is undeniably a vital space of your home as it helps to rejuvenate and relax. Bathroom accessories should not only be practical and functional, but also stylish and suit your design. Being able to colour co-ordinate your tapware and accessories will create a cohesive space that will transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

Barben’s Bathroom Accessories Range

Bezzoni by Barben tapware and accessories are made from the highest quality materials and finished using a PVD process to ensure longevity.  As the bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home it is important to purchase high-quality products that will stand the test of time.  Barben offers everything from towels rails, toilet roll holders, robe hooks, shower shelves and soap dishes.

Rubie Collection

Barben’s latest bathroom accessories collection, the Rubie Collection, is the ultimate in bathroom styling and functionality. The Rubie Collection is modern minimalism with an edgy design that allows you to incorporate this range into your dream bathroom.  With its sleek, rounded design it embodies contemporary classics. Available in a range of finishes including Satin Brass, Gun Metal, Matt Black, Satin Copper, Satin Nickel and the timeless elegance of Chrome Plate.  The Rubie Collection will complement our Stream Collection of tapware which includes the patented Shield technology.

Stream Collection

The Stream Collection by Bezzoni is a classic, sophisticated  style that can be adapted to suit any bathroom aesthetics.  These designer accessories with curved lines and sleek profiles will be the standout piece to transform your bathroom from a practical space to a tranquil retreat.  For effortless functionality and a designer style, the Stream Collection is an ideal choice.  Available in a range of finishes including Matt Black, Satin Brass PVD, Satin Nickel PVD, Satin Copper PVD, Gunmetal PVD, and the timeless Chrome Plate.  This collection can also be customised to suit your colour palette using our wide range of powder coat colours.

The Stream Collection of bathroom accessories works in perfect harmony with the Stream Collection of Tapware creating an elegant and exquisite space.

What does a bathroom need? There are many bathroom accessories that you could be using in your bathroom that you could be overlooking. These accessories help to make your bathroom more organised, clean and accessible. In addition to those factors, these bathroom accessories offer additional design aspects to your bathroom. Here are the bathroom accessories that are essential in your bathroom design:

Wash Basin

The wash basin is an essential fixture that every bathroom needs. The washbasin is a crucial accessory for every bathroom because it is used so often. Bezzoni White by Barben offers a range of ceramic basins in a gloss or matt finish.  These timeless pieces will suit any design and maintain their appearance for years to come.

Towel Rails and Towel Rings

One of the most important accessories to decorate a bathroom is the towel rail. Towels are used in every bathroom every day, for multiple reasons. Whether the towel is being used for showering, hand drying or anything else, you are going to need somewhere to hang it out to dry. Whether you want to choose a bar, hooks or a towel rack depends on a few things. First, you want to look at how much space you have available in your bathroom. If you have space to spare, a towel rack could be a great addition to your bathroom, and a beautiful way to hold your towels.  Barben Boutique has a range of towel rails in various lengths and with either single or double rails.

If you are space restricted or you just prefer a more minimalist design, towel bars and hooks could be an option in terms of accessories. These must have bathroom accessories are absolutely necessary for any bathroom design. Whether you want towel bars, hooks or a rack is up to you, but make sure you pick the ones that fit your personal preference as well as work the best to decorate your specific bathroom design. Towel rails and towel rings are functional as well as decorative elements in your bathroom. Since they are available in a huge variety of styles, you have enough options to pick the one that matches the rest of the fixtures and overall décor. The right placement of towel rails and towel rings makes a splendid visual impact. Install this bathroom accessory so that the towel is easily accessible to people getting out of the shower. When you install a towel rail or ring on the back of your bathroom door, make certain it will not hit the wall.  A quick fix for this problem is to screw in a doorstop at the bottom of the door to prevent it from swinging open completely against the wall.

Robe Hooks

Much like towel bars, robe hooks are incredibly useful for holding towels. Although they do not spread the towel like a towel bar, they are minimalist methods for holding your bath towels, hand towels or robes.

Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet roll holders are the most convenient way to have easy access to your toilet paper. This is without question an essential item to complete your bathroom. Having a sturdy and long lasting toilet roll holder is important because of how often it will be used. Because this is most likely going to be a one-time purchase, you should definitely consider getting a high quality and beautifully designed toilet roll holder. In addition to that, you have many options for this accessory.

Shower Shelf

The primary purpose of shelves is to serve as a storage unit. Shower shelves can hold many small accessories and items in your bathroom including soaps, shampoos and most other toiletries to decorate with. Shelves can be incorporated in your shower which is perfect for storing your everyday shower items. Because storage is so important for the overall functionality and accessibility of your bathroom, shelves can be one of the most important accessories for keeping your bathroom organized and clean.

Soap Dishes

If you want to include some bar soap in your bathroom design, you are going to need a soap dish. Soap dishes will allow you to keep your soap while keeping your vanity countertop clean. A soap dish can be mounted on your wall  which is perfect if you have a minimalist design in mind.  This will clear space for your vanity countertop while keeping your soap accessible.   These soap dishes can also be wall mounted in the shower adding another storage option.

Grab Bars

If you have issues with accessibility or want additional comfort, grab bars are perfect solutions. They can help with balance and make fixtures much more accessible for easy use, especially a shower.  Barben’s Care Range of accessories incorporates grab rails, bars and DDA compliant products so you can rest assured with the knowledge that not only is your bathroom stylish and functional but also meets your requirements for people with disabilities.

Match Your Bathroom Accessories

You will generally want to have all accessories be of the same finish or colour and design style so that your bathroom appears more organized and stylish. It is very important to make sure your bathroom has a feeling of cohesion to it in order to enjoy it to its fullest.  Not only should bathroom accessories match each other, but they should also match the other spaces within the home.  For example, if you have used Satin Brass tapware in the kitchen and laundry, then to create a seamless interior design flow, using Satin Brass tapware and bathroom accessories in the bathroom will ensure your design brief is seamless.

The bathroom accessories in your home reflect your interior taste. The right accessories complete the design and enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom. Barben Boutique presents to you timeless bathroom accessories that are classic in their inspiration. We carry the most functional and stylish accessories in a range of coloured PVD finishes to suit any design palette.

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