5 Upcoming Design Trends to look out for

1. A Shift in Coastal Neutrals

Whilst the view toward neutrals as a whole is shifting, with some people voting neutrals out in favour of bold colour, there has been a noticeable change in the use of neutral colour palettes in coastally themed homes. Specifically, we are seeing a shift toward cool-toned neutrals, which use marble, cool-toned wood, and particularly satin nickel and gunmetal tapware, shifting away from previous warm-tone and satin brass combinations.

Additionally, many coastal homes are seeing colours be softly incorporated into bathroom spaces, using tiles and marble which have neutral colours woven throughout.

2. Bringing in Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is centred around the concept of ‘bringing the outdoors in,’ and we are seeing this become increasingly popular in a range of formats. Aside from traditional indoor plants, the use of natural and textured timbers, incorporating natural light, and particularly using natural terra cotta cross tiles to create a welcoming and free environment is becoming more popular. This trend is part of a larger shift within design away from ‘picture perfect’ clean houses toward homes that feel more lived-in, welcoming, and energizing due to the grounding effect provided by natural materials.

3. Soulful and Storytelling on the Rise

Perhaps as a resistance to cookie-cutter, mass produced homes and estates, forced, fast, and everychanging trends, or both, we are seeing a rise in the favour of unique, electic and artisanal pieces of furniture and decor in homes. People are enjoying the self- fulfillment and homeliness which accompanies pieces that tell a part of your own story.

Alongside this, the individualism underpinning a shift toward handcrafted, meaningful decor liberates individuals from having to consistently succumb to design trends, and instead focus on bringing personal joy in design.

4. Curved and Straight Edges

Over time we have seen shifts between curved and square line edges within the home, from cornices, furniture and window shapes. However, it is no surprise that in 2024 we are seeing curved and straight edges be incorporated together in designs which therefore gain longevity. Curved furniture pieces will undoubtedly remain due to their effortless luxury appeal and practicality, whilst we are also seeing designers come to love archways, curved windows, and even curved showers and bathroom spaces. Meanwhile, more square and block-like edges are predicted to become prominent as well.

5. Looking back to forge Forward

Whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, or stylistic decoration of a home, we are seeing designers increasingly turn toward the rich design history of European homes for inspiration. In some cases, modern homes are becoming a showcase of the era whilst others feature specific elements inspired by European history, including marble detailing, plaster work, and tapestries.

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